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Sadly Covid took its toll on our evening service and we are currently closed for dinner. Keep an eye out soon for evening events we will be hosting, bookings essential.


Is FOMO closing?

No. We are simply merging with The Espressonist. The service provided by FOMO wine bar restaurant will continue, however it will become part of The Espressonist. We will still remain open for the same operating hours and provide the same fun, seasonally changing menu, bespoke wine list and cocktail service.

Why is the name FOMO changing?

FOMO has been a fun project, we delivered you the ART YOU CAN EAT dinner series and a weekly changing menu over the past 12 months.

But the feedback from our customers is that having two separate brands for dinner and brunch has been confusing. So, having thought hard about it, we’ve decided to merge FOMO and the espressonist into one.

The Espressonist will stay the same, but FOMO will transition to ‘POST at the espressonist’.

Will the food and service change?

Yes and no. We are very excited to have a new Head Chef Josh Donachie leading our kitchen. Josh, from THE FROG in London, is a highly qualified and celebrated British chef ready to show Melbourne what he can do. ‘POST at the espressonist’ will present simple but tasty food. We want you to enjoy our cooking in an informal setting. So we are removing the formality. Casual dining. Fun dining.

What is the meaning of ‘POST at The Espressonist’?

POST at the espressonist is a way of distinguishing our evening service from our brunch and coffee service. The name POST came from our original POP UP WINE BAR concept that we started 3 years ago called POST ESPRESSONISM. We felt that was a bit of a mouthful, so we simplified it to just POST. It also alludes to the fact that POST represents what comes after… after brunch… after coffee… after dark…